These late summer blooms are a magnificent sight for the eyes

Every summer I look forward to seeing these magnificent dinner plate dahlias bloom in all of their glory. They begin as tight green buds. Then as they mature, short ray florets start appearing from the centre before they completely unfurl into a mass of wavy deliciousness. Their name derives from the colour of their ray florets, often mistaken for petals, that start off pink and end in creamy coffee-tinted luciousness in the cooling summer heat. Every dahlia stalk consists of a number of fully bloomed Cafe au Lait Dahlias and buds at different stages of maturity. Their growth is prolific and seeing all of the forms it takes on a stalk reminds me of how amazing nature is. This course promises to teach you how to construct dinner plate dahlia and buds that look like they’ve just been cut from the garden.

What You'll Learn in this Course Bundle


  • To easily create a dahlia centre using clay and a few other tricks.

  • To rely on an underlying structure to support the centre and the petals, and to form the overall shape.

  • To make those curly petals that surround the disc floret 2 different ways.

  • To shape the dinner-plate dahlia ray florets/petals so they look both refined and wavy.

  • To use the fringe technique in unique ways for both the dahlia and the buds.

  • The construction of three types of buds for the dinner plate dahlia - a bud, a blooming bud with a round shape and a blooming bud with a cone shape.

  • Ways to adjust the thickness of a flower stem.

  • How to attach the bud stems together and to the Cafe au Lait Dahlia so the stems look seamless and natural.

  • To free-hand cut petals, ray florets, and sepals (or use templates provided).

  • My colour recipes to achieve a realistic-looking Cafe au Lait Dahlias and blooming buds..

What's inside


    This bundle comes with 2 courses that each include written instructions and templates (for the Cafe au Lait Dahlia only) that you can download and reference. Measurements are in both metric and (for our American friends) imperial.


    Ideal for those with previous experience making paper flowers due to the intricacy of the flower and the overall time invested (over 66 lessons), but complete beginners will be able to just as easily follow along thanks to Jessie's clear instructions and demonstrations.


    Watch Jessie demonstrate how she constructs her realistic blooms one step at a time in 16:9 video format. Videos include short descriptive captions, illustrations, and zoom-ins when appropriate. Includes a total of 7+ hours of instructions.

Ready to bloom with me?

Let me show you how you can turn a flat sheet of paper into a three-dimensional masterpiece!


  • How is this course bundle different from purchasing the Cafe au Lait Dahlia Course and Buds & Blooming Buds Course separately?

    The content and the way you access the courses are the same as if you purchased those courses separately. Once you purchase the bundle, you'll see the two courses in your student dashboard. However, you save $15 if you buy this bundle as opposed to buying the two courses separately.

  • I already purchased the Cafe au Lait Dahlia course. Can I upgrade it to this Bundle?

    Yes it is possible. Please email me directly at

  • When does the course(s) start and finish?

    The course(s) starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course(s) - you decide when you start and when you finish.

  • How long do I have access to the course(s)?

    The short answer - Forever. The long answer - You’ll have access to the course videos and content forever as long as Crafted to Bloom exists, even if the online course platform changes.

  • Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

    Unfortunately, due to the nature of digital products, I cannot offer a refund. That said, I just know that you'll learn something! I design every one of my flower online course so that I can share new and fresh techniques with you. I hate repeating myself.

  • I’ve never tried making paper flowers. Is this for me?

    I’ll be honest - this is not a beginner’s course or bundle. It requires lots of patience (there's 7 hours of video content) and some adeptness with free-hand cutting, shaping, and assembly. I would not recommend this course if you have never made paper flowers before. Instead, I would recommend you try my Wild Rose Online Course first before trying your hand with this one. All that said - my instructions and demonstrations are so clear that if you're up for the challenge, sign up!

  • I'm an experienced paper floral artist. Would I still benefit from this course(s)?

    I don’t know anyone who makes this type of dahlia or buds the way I do, so I’m pretty confident that you’ll learn a new way of doing things. Also, I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE to watch other seasoned paper florists work and create. I always learn new tricks or new ways of doing something. It’s amazing how everyone does things differently. I’m confident that you’ll learn something new from my course too.

  • Can I sell the flower I make from this online course(s)?

    Yes, you’re welcome to make this flower and/or bud and sell it. All I ask is if someone, like a customer, ask you how you learned to make the flower, that you could acknowledge that you learned it from me and give credit where it is due.

  • Can I teach this flower to other people?

    If you know someone who would like to learn how to make this paper flower, I would ask you to encourage them to sign up for this course(s). Please do not share the access information with third parties. You paid for access to it, and so should they. I’ve put in a lot of effort to designing these course(s) and the intellectual property connected to these course(s), the materials, and the techniques are mine. Similarly, you are absolutely not permitted to teach this paper flower for monetary gain without expressed written permission from me. If you are interested in re-teaching this paper flower I do offer licensing options. Read more about this in the Terms & Conditions page:



Wendy’s perfectly flawless Cafe au Lait Dahlia

“I love her idea of using clay for the center. And what she suggests for making the clever! It's another winner in her growing collection of first class tutorials!”


Christina's moody Cafe au Lait Dahlia

"This tutorial is jam-packed with so many interesting techniques!”


Zulemy's stunning gorgeous Cafe au Lait Dahlias

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Thanks to your tutorial I was able to create this beauty. I loved the process of making it. I admire you and your work so much. Thanks ✨⁣" 


Miabella's triple threat, Cafe au Lait Dahlias

"Never been a Dahlia fan, but recently obsessed with @jessiatcraftedtobloom and her dahlia course."


Margot's beautiful pink Cafe au Lait Dahlia and coffee/cream dahlia

“I was very excited when Jessie Chui announced a new dahlia tutorial a couple of weeks ago, since it's one of my all time favorite flowers! This is my first try but I was so excited that I made 10 centers at once 😄 So many more to come! I added a couple of leaves to give it a more finished look as a single flower.”