My Welcome Post

Welcome to my blog, Crafted Sophistication! My name is Jessie Chui and I am its creator and author. Since you are visiting this page, I assume that you are curious about who I am and why I have created this blog!It took me a very long time to start this blog. In my 20s, prioritizing academic achievements and establishing a respectable career was the expectation. In my early 30s, marriage and a busy social life dominated any spare time I had.A turning point in my busy life was my aunt’s passing after Christmas of last year. With her passing, I realized that life is short and that I did not want to spend the rest of my life in family law - a job in which someone else’s sadness, resentment, and anger is the norm. It was not fulfilling to me, even though I was good at it and I helped a lot of people move on past their separations and divorces. I wanted to - no I needed to - find a way to prioritize my family and incorporate my interest in crafts and DIY projects in my every day life. I needed to see beauty again in this world. Hence, the tagline for my blog: “Creating the good life from everyday inspirations.” This became my motivation to start this journey and to share my passion with others, like yourself.My hope is that by sharing my life (through my blog) with you, that you will be willing to share your unique story and experiences with me. I know my life will be much richer with you in it! Thank you again for inviting my small blog into your life!signature