Update your bookmarks to "Craftedtobloom.com"


peaches-and-cream-in-pailI know, I know! It's been a while since I last posted my thoughts on my blog, but I swear I haven't been MIA. Well, not really. I continue to strive to remain active (i.e. relevant LOL) on Instagram, posting images of what I have been working on, and of course, updates on my little guy's monthly milestones. I really can't believe that he is 4 months old now! Wow, how time flies.I have been preoccupied with a few projects on the go, from designing a custom wedding bouquet, arranging for upcoming workshops, updating my business cards (they're square!), and moving my website to a new domain. Yup, that's right - I'm moving this website to a new URL domain. This has been my intention all along since I re-focused my energies on Crafted to Bloom, but the logistics of it was always going to be tricky. In early January, my domain host suggested that I retain "www.craftedsophistication.com" until the domain hosting package expired. Following their advice, I asked them to duplicate the "www.craftedsophistication.com" website to "www.craftedtobloom.com," so that there would be 2 operating websites with the same content. Apparently this would maximize the SEO for "www.craftedsophistication.com." Now that my domain hosting for "www.craftedsophistication.com" is coming to an end, I have decided to focus all my energies on "www.craftedtobloom.com" and to terminate "www.craftedsophistication.com." I think the new URL is more appropriate, don't you think?The tricky part is that all you wonderful followers will now have to update your bookmarks to "www.craftedtobloom.com"! I say tricky because I know that I've followed blogs that have changed their domain names and even with the MULTIPLE reminders from the bloggers, I always think that I'll do it "later". Inevitably, "later" turns out to be "never". Then one day I hit my bookmarked page and the blog is not there anymore! That's when I curse and go to Google to try to find the website again. Believe me, it's quite difficult to think of the right search terms (like the name of the blog, duh!) when I have brain fart (which is EXTREMELY common these days - scary I know).hellebore-business-cards-v2-paperflowers-craftedtobloom So in order to minimize the damage, I've decided to retain the URL domain name "www.craftedsophistication.com" and utilize domain forwarding instead. Simply put, if you go to "www.craftedsophistication.com", you will be redirected to "www.craftedtobloom.com." Once you are redirected to "www.craftedtobloom.com," you can renew your bookmark :)The other complicated issue I had to consider is Pinterest. Updating the website URL on a particular Pin does not update all the subsequent Pins. This means that the Pin will forever be associated with the URL domain or description at the time the Pin was pinned. So this is another reason why I decided to use domain forwarding - at least for the time being.


With that, I have to sign off. Some of you have been asking for a tutorial on leaf construction (you all know how much I adore greenery and foliage in an arrangement), so I'm hoping that I can shoot some photos this long weekend for a tutorial.I've also got some news on a workshop I'll be hosting in April with enrolment commencing in late February.Happy Hump Day!~ Jessie