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Easy Flower Corsage

dahlia-headband-on-arm-v2-craftedtobloom-paperflowersSometimes it amazes me how one paper flower can have such an impact. For example, one single stem red rose from a lover. Or a gorgeous over-the-top gigantic flower as a backdrop. Or a simple head band for a baby girl - like the one I made for a baby girl named Scarlett Willow. Her beautiful name immediately brought to mind a vibrant reddish pink, which was perfect as I had been dying to experiment with this colour.Such a flower would also would make a perfect easy flower corsage!To realize my vision for this baby headband and easy flower corsage, I decided to use double-sided crepe in Fuchsia/Maroon from The Paper Place; Dip dyed in water, the colours bled into each other to create this vibrant, deep reddish pink colour with dark red edges. Absolutely beautiful!!I chose to use a dahlia as the focus flower because they come in many shapes and sizes, however, their intricacy and orderly character remain the same. Glued on a stretchy lace elastic, it made a very neat and tidy corsage.dahlia-headband-styled-v2-in-hand-craftedtobloom-paperflowersIt is soooo easy to make and can very easily be made to match a bridal bouquet!I also experimented with a Rose/Salmon double-sided crepe (without dip dying with). It turned out to be a vibrant coral/apricot dahlia paper flower headband, that I dubbed "Ella" for another beautiful baby girl:ella-headband-paperflowers-craftedtobloom-dahliaAs I was shooting my photos for this easy flower corsage, I simply couldn't resist putting it onto my little monkey's head. He was such a chump!dahlia-headband-styled-v2-open-eyes-craftedtobloom-paperflowersThis dahlia headband would make a wonderful Christmas gift for any baby girl. In fact, I've been commissioned to make yet another one of these gorgeous dahlia baby headbands for a special little girl. Come Christmas, there will be a very happy little girl indeed!~ Jessie

Foam Sheet Pacifier Baby Card

Foam-Sheet-Pacifier-Baby-Card-hanging-on-a-giftLast week, I gave you a sneak peek of the baby gift that Warren and I was giving to our friend Kat for her baby girl. You saw the Baby Book Tag Printables that I had made for the baby book we were gifting. I promised that I would show you the card I made to complete the gift set.I find that cards get read and then discarded so quickly that they're seldom memorable. How often have we put the cards in a box, and inevitably forget about them? Or even worse, the cards get discarded as quickly as promotional flyers? I wanted to make a card that was unique, reflected the theme, and the mother-to-be would rememberThe plushiness of  foam sheets reminds me of the baby toys made of various materials and textures meant to stimulate a child's sense of touch. Foam sheets can be very colourful. A pink pacifier seemed to fit the stereotype for a baby girl. Thus along came my idea of a Foam Sheet Pacifier Baby Card!Foam-Sheet-Pacifier-Baby-Card-materials-and-tools

Gather your materials:

  • 1 pink foam sheet
  • 1 white foam sheet
  • pacifier template (there are 2 pages to download)
  • scissors
  • tacky glue
  • stapler
  • exacto knife
  • pencil & eraser

  Template-Download-ornamentTemplate-Download-ornamentFoam-Sheet-Pacifier-Baby-Card-cutting-out-templateStep 1: Trace the template onto the coloured and white foam sheets, and cut. You should have a total of 5 pieces - 3 coloured pieces (eg. pink) and 2 white pieces (one piece with a handle is the back of the card, one piece without a handle is the front of the card).Foam-Sheet-Pacifier-Baby-Card-scoring-pink-handleStep 2: Using the exacto knife, gently score across the back of the pink handle. Then, glue the pink handle to the white piece with the handle. Leave the end of the pink handle unglued starting at the scored line.Foam-Sheet-Pacifier-Baby-Card-gluing-pieces-togetherStep 3: Glue the pink cap of the pacifier to the top of the white piece without a handle.Foam-Sheet-Pacifier-Baby-Card-stapling-end-of-handleStep 4: Score the pink lip through the centre, horizontally. Slip it through the white piece without the handle. Place the white piece without the handle on top of the white piece with the handle. Staple the 2 white pieces together at the top right, where the end of the pink handle will cover.Foam-Sheet-Pacifier-Baby-Card-looking-insideStep 5: Glue the end of the pink handle onto the white piece with the handle and over the staple.Foam-Sheet-Pacifier-Baby-Card-hanging-on-a-gift-on-topEt Voila! Now you can write your thoughtful message in the card. I recommend you use a fine permanent marker, and to practice writing your message on a piece of discarded foam sheet.signature-4v

Baby Book Tag Printables


Make baby book gifts more memorable by sticking Baby Book Tag Printables inside so that the baby will know how much you already love him or her!

A few months ago, I met up with my very good friends, Gina, to meet her baby son, Chunky Monkey (such an adorable nickname!). She is one of the very few mothers who did not have a baby shower. These days, baby showers for the 1st, 2nd…etc. baby is quite common, and it’s almost an automatic expectation that a new mother would want one. Gina did not. All she asked from her friends was a book for her Chunky Monkey and to sign it, so that her son would always remember who gave the book to him. Isn't that such a thoughtful and lasting idea???!!


This weekend, I’m heading out of town for a bachelorette, but Warren and I were invited to a close friend’s baby shower, and he would be attending. Kat had established a baby registry and we had purchased an item from the list. Although there were no baby books listed not the registry, I couldn’t resist but make sure that her baby girl would have a book that she would read one day and remember that Warren and I already love her.

Template-Download-ornamentYou can download my Baby Book Tag Printables here or on the right. There is a printable one for a baby girl and one for a baby boy. You can just print it out, write the baby’s name and your own on it with a coloured marker (one that can colour over the black chalkboard-like background), and stick it inside the book! It’s that simple!

I stuck my Baby Book Tag Printable on the inside cover of a Little Miss Helpful book with a glue stick. I also rounded the corners of my Baby Book Tag Printable with the use of a round corner cutter.



I like to show off the baby book, so I slipped the book between the ribbons around the gift with a little help from double-sided tape.


Now for the card….stay tuned for a fun foam card that’s baby appropriate!