Paper Flower Baby Headband


english-rose-headband-diy-paperflowers-crepepaper-roseMy son was born last Monday at 9:04 a.m. A week and a half later, I am still feeling the high (yes, I know it will die down. Fast.). First, our Little Monkey arrived 2 weeks early. Then when it came to my labour, it was surprisingly (and thankfully) fast and intense - four hours of active labour and he was out! Since then, my days and nights are all mixed up and everything is a blur. Even this post is a struggle to type with one hand and the Little Monkey in the other!On the Sunday before going into labour, my friend Kat asked me to make some arrangements for her baby girl's 100 day party on October 16th. She was planning a party with a pink & peach theme and I was excited to try out a new arrangement of peonies I had already started. Needless to say, by midnight Sunday, I knew I would not be able to commit to anything at that point. Still, I wanted to make something special for her little baby girl. So a few days after our Little Monkey's arrival, I finished a paper flower baby headband for her special day.english-rose-headband-in-box-diy-paperflowers-crepepaper-roseHere are the step-by-step instructions for a Paper Flower Baby Headband:

  1. Trace the bottom of a mason jar into a piece of felt, twice. I used a piece of felt in moss green. You should end up with 2 pieces of felt circles.
  2. Cut a small hole in the middle of one of the felt circles, about the size of a nickel, to accommodate the paper flower's stamen. Cut a straight line from the outside of the felt circle to the small hole. Overlap the cut edges to create a slightly cone-shaped donut.  Glue the overlapped edges together.
  3. Apply glue just around the hole and attach it to the bottom of the flower, making sure that the hole lies as flat as possible against the bottom of the flower, framing the stamen.
  4. Using your glue gun, adhere the 2 ends of the elastic band (you can measure the circumference of your baby's head ahead of time to determine the length of the elastic band to use) to the 2nd felt circle as follow: imagine the felt circle to be the face of a clock and glue 1 end of the elastic band at 3 o'clock and 1 end of the elastic band at 9 o'clock.
  5. Apply glue to the circumference of the cone-shaped felt circle and adhere it to the 2nd felt circle. Trim any excess felt from the 2nd felt circle.


With the arrival of the Little Monkey means that I live on his schedule now. I will try to post when I can, however, even keeping up with making paper flowers has been challenging. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continual and active interest in my work and blog while I embark on this new and exciting journey called motherhood. Thank you for your patience and understanding!!~ Jessie