New Month New Look


About-Pic---landscapeHello friends!If you are a subscriber to our newsletter, you know that I've been dropping hints about my intention to re-brand and to revamp my website/blog to reflect a new part of this blogging journey of mine.Initially when I started Crafted Sophistication, I wanted to blog about DIY, home decor, and recipes. I've always had a insatiable interest in all things DIY and crafty, following several blogs at a time, and trying anything that looked cool and interesting (to me) and that could fit into my life (and condo).With urging from my husband, I began my DIY Paper Flower Wedding Centrepiece series within several weeks of my blogging journey, and since then, I've really found a passion for paper flowers. I also received quite positive feedback with respect to the craft, not only through Instagram and Pinterest, but also from fellow paper flower enthusiasts and paper shops. It became clear that I had a choice to make: either I keep going with blogging about all things DIY or I narrow my focus to paper flower making. The latter was much more attractive to me. And with that, my blogging journey continues, albeit with a more focused direction.Given all that, I've decided to rebrand my website to "Crafted to Bloom, Paper Floral Design(s) Studio" to more accurately reflect the direction of my blog, my journey, and my interest. As you can see, I'm still deciding.Where this will take me, I don't really know (although I do have a game plan), but I intend to continue to post tutorials and my comments and experience with making paper flowers. Amidst all that, I will also continue to take on custom orders and commissions.SO WITH THAT...The new "look" of my blog is very very close to being completed. There are a few pieces left to finalize and I expect to have it "live" in the following weeks! *FINGERS CROSSED* In the meantime, I'm sharing with you some images that I will be using in the new website/blog. To be honest, I'm a bit nervous sharing the images because it's like exposing myself to the world....and I'm still trying to get use to doing that.Front page of Crafted To Bloom's new websiteBlog page of Crafted To Bloom's new websiteBlog Post of Crafted To Bloom's new websiteYou can stay tuned for more updates by subscribing to our newsletter (the subscription box is on the right side of the blog). It's now another month, so I'll be uploading a new desktop wallpaper available for free downloading to all our subscribers. Hint: It might have a bouquet in it...signature-4v