Ideas for a DIY Rustic Chic Bridal Shower


DSC_0434-copyThis past weekend was a special one for me as I got to spend tons and tons of time with family and friends: I helped host a DIY Rustic Chic Bridal Shower for my BFF Natasha on Saturday, and on Sunday, I got to spend Mother's Day with my mother (and family) watching Captain America at a VIP cinema (a little unorthodox for a Mother's Day treat, I know).Natasha's DIY Rustic Chic Bridal Shower was held at my condo kitchen showroom, which was PERFECT because it had a huge island and well, a kitchen with an oven, stove, and fridge. It was an intimate space for the 17 adults and 3 children. Getting around the maze that is my condo building was a challenge, but it wasn't anything that couldn't be addressed with printed signs showing the guests the way. 


Pretty much all of the decor was a DIY project or something that I already had (like the burlap runner  on the food table - best on-sale investment ever!). I tried to incorporate gray and yellow (Natasha's wedding colours) and books into the decor (her wedding will be held at a library). Although rustic chic was the theme, I also had to consider that the show kitchen was anything but rustic and chic. It was super modern with sleek mouldings, direct lighting and lots of steel.To incorporate some "rustic" into the mix, I wrapped 4 mason jars with pages from an old book I purchased at the thrift shop, held together by twine (well...that's what it looks like. I actually glued the pages together with a glue gun. The twine was just for the look). They were used to hold fresh flowers, purchased on the morning of the bridal shower.Natasha's-Bridal-Shower-DIY-materials-#DIY-#wedding-#rusticchic-#bridalshowerTo save money, the flags for the bunting banner was constructed from yellow note cards with scalloped edges ($3,49 for 12), 1 sheet of craft paper in a light gray honeycombed print (50 cents), 1 roll of yellow/white twine ($3.49), and small gray clothespins ($4.49 for 30). Each yellow note card made 2 flags; I sliced the sides of each side of the note card to create a triangle-like shaped flag. For the lettering, I used Pages to print out the letters in gray and I cut them out to spell "Natasha's". For the words "Bridal Shower" I temporarily glued the printed letters to the craft paper, cut the craft paper using the printed letters as a template, and them removed the printed letters from the final product. With the use of a ruler to ensure consistency in placement, all the letters were then painstakingly glued onto each flag.Natasha's-Bridal-Shower--DIY-BannerI also prepared chalkboard signs to identify the dish (thank you Kat for labelling the signs with your beautiful calligraphy!) with black card stock, scored in the middle to allow the sign to be folded in half so it could stand on its own. I used a stamp (in white) to frame the signs to add visual interest and add to the chalkboard theme.To ensure that the guests could identify their champagne glasses, small heart-shaped chalkboard tags were available for guests to write their name and then tie to their glass with twine.The signs for the games and favours were printed on card stock with a pretty script font and placed on brass cardholders. Prizes were wrapped in brown packaging. 


The bridesmaids and I decided on a budget and then determined the finger-food menu (so we could do without cutlery), which we made all from scratch with the exception of the quiche, cheese and meats.Here was our DIY finger-food menu:

  1. Cucumber sandwiches - Thin white bread sandwiches with cucumber and a thin layer of cream cheese (1/2 loaf, 1 cucumber and 1/2 tub of spreadable cream cheese) cut into triangles
  2. Egg salad sandwiches - Thin white bread sandwiches with egg salad (1/2 loaf, 8 eggs, mayonnaise, 1 green onion stalk, salt and pepper) cut into triangles
  3. Smoked salmon and dill sandwiches - Whole wheat bread sandwiches (1/2 loaf) with smoked salmon (1 pack) and dill cream cheese (1/2 tub of spreadable cream cheese, 1/4 bunch of dill) cut into triangle
  4. Tuna salad sandwiches - Whole wheat bread sandwiches (1/2 loaf) with tuna salad (3 cans of tuna, mayonnaise, 1 celery stalk, 1/2 onion, salt and pepper) cut into triangles
  5. Charcuterie board - Cheeses (Brie (soft), Oka (medium), Le Gruyere (hard)(**you're right Kat, it was Gruyere!)), meats (Maestro Salami Genoa Hot, Prosciutto, Columbus Salami Secci), 2 Barlett pears, a handful of walnuts, and water crackers
  6. Mini quichePresident's Choice Mini Quiches, Florentine & Lorraine (18/box)
  7. Spanakopita - Spinach and feta phyllo triangles (cooked spinach with feta and 1 egg in buttered phyllo)
  8. Fruit skewers - Skewers of pineapple, blackberry, kiwi, globe grape, and blueberry.
  9. Chocolate dipped strawberries drizzled with white chocolate - Strawberries (5 lb) dipped in melted chocolate (chocolate chips) and drizzled with melted white chocolate (white chocolate chips)
  10. Honey madeleines - Little honey and lemon cakes (2 batches)
  11. Strawberry scones  and Apple cinnamon scones - Diced (and patted dry) strawberries and/or apples added to a basic scone dough (1 batch each)
For drinks, we had Spumante Bambino, and various fruit juices and pop. Guests could add frozen berries into their drinks (the frozen berries acted like ice).
We organized 3 games:
  1.  Clothes Pin Game - Everyone gets a clothes pin. Whoever says the name "Natasha" or "Bride" loses their clothes pin to whoever she is talking to. The guest with the most clothes pin at the end of the shower is the winner. Guests who have clothes pin at the end of the game write date ideas on the clothespins and put them in a mason jar for the Bride.
  2. How Well Do You Know the Bride Game (Bride Trivia) - Guests are provided with a list of questions of what they think the Bride would do, would like etc. The guest who guesses correctly the most is the winner.
  3. Complete the Sentence Using the 1st Letter of the Bride's Name - Guests are provided with a list of sentences to answer using the 1st letter of the Bride's name (eg. "N"). The winner(s) of each "round" or sentence will have unique answers. Duplicate answers from multiple guests are eliminated do not count. The winner of the game would have the most unique completed sentences.
Since our bride is (partially) obsessed with cleanliness, we gave each guest hand sanitizer in yellow. Favours that are practical and that the guests can use or eat tend to be the most memorable.
Any bridal shower is a TON of work, but let me tell you, the result is well worth it! Can't wait to plan another one soon!
Below are some additional photos from the DIY rustic chic bridal shower (for the benefit of our lovely guests). Our Bride looked stunning in her blue flowered dress:
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