Gold Bunny Bookends DIY


Gold-Bunny-Bookends-with-bunnies-on-books-#DIY-#decorA few years ago, I fell in love with these cute gold pig bookends from CB2. I literally drove over 30 minutes to the closest (and only) CB2 in Toronto to immediately buy them. At a cost of $40 plus tax, it was pretty steep for bookends. Yet how could I resist??!!!  My piggy now inhabits a shelf in my console, holding up a set of my Jamie Oliver recipe books.

CB2 Gold Pig Bookends

After months of scouring Pinterest for similar inspirations AND months and months of keeping an eye out for the perfect animal figurines, I found these bunny babies at Dollarama just before Easter. Perfect! I made sure to look for animal figurines that had enough texture and details so that when the figurines were covered with the gold paint, the texture would show through. They also had to be large enough to hold up decently sized book + inexpensive enough for this DIY project to be worth the time.

Coincidentally, around the same time, my childhood friend Tiffany was setting up her new home and her bookshelves required some much needed TLC. Problem solved with this little 2-step DIY project.


Here are the tools & materials you will need to create these cute bookends:

  • 2 animal figurines (mine are porcelain with access into the internal cavity through the bottom)
  • gold paint & brush
  • rice or beans or lentils (to weigh down the porcelain figures)
  • funnel
  • glue gun

Optional (for the bottom of the bookends): thin felt, chalk, & scissorsGold-Bunny-Bookends-being-filled-with-rice-weights-#DIY-#decor

Step 1: Unless your animal figurines have some weight to them, you will need to fill them with weights. I used rice, but you can use beans, lentils or any other materials small enough to fill the cavity of the figurine. Using a funnel (I made a cone out of printing paper and taped), pour the rice, beans or lentils, through the opening and into the cavity of the figurine. I placed the figurine upside down in a small bowl to hold it while I poured. Jiggle the figurine around to make sure the rice, beans or lentils fully pack its cavity. Then, using a glue gun, plug the opening with glue. Repeat with the second figurine.

Gold Bunny Bookend with glue filled cavity #DIY #decor

Step 2: Now you are ready to paint! My preference is gold spray paint, but I’m trying to avoid spray paints during my pregnancy . So instead, I used gold craft paint for this project. The upside of applying paint with a brush is that it creates further texture on the bookends.

Gold Bunny Bookends with first brush stroke #DIY #decor


My favourite gold acrylic craft paint (and the one I used) is Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint in gold. The colour gold is a muted gold, not too yellow and not too ashy. It applies smoothly and dries fairly quickly. The metallic paint line also comes in a number of colours.

Wait about 15 minutes before applying the second layer of paint. It may take up to a few days for the paint to fully cure.


Optional: You can finish the bookends by adhering a thin piece of felt to the bottoms. Trace the bottoms of each bookend onto the felt using a piece of chalk and then cut to size and shape. Glue the pieces of felt onto the bottoms of the bookends using white glue. I decided not take this extra step as the felt I had planned on using was waaaay too thick and actually lifted the bookend off the surface.


This DIY project took me about an hour to complete. Not bad considering how expensive these bookends look! They will be the CUTEST addition to Tiff’s organized shelves.