You should have been products from the Paper Flower Arrangement Workshop!


Paper-Flower-Arrangement-Workshop-July-9---studentsTuesday's Paper Flower Arrangement Workshop was a HIT! We had a great group of students with various skill levels and tons of enthusiasm. Everyone arrived on time and so we were able to maximize the time slot we had at The Paper Place. We learned how to make a peony, a carnation, and a leaf branch. Although some of the students struggled using the floral tape, they persisted! I really admired that. I suggested they try hot glue when they make the flowers at home.Paper-Flower-Arrangement-Workshop-July-9---in-actionWith 15 minutes left before the end of the workshop, we put together our paper flower arrangements. Everyone received additional carnations and leaves to flush out their final product. They all turned out wonderfully beautiful and uniquely them! I was very happy to know that everyone took their accomplishments home.Paper-Flower-Arrangement-Workshop-July-9---putting-together-arrangementPaper-Flower-Arrangement-Workshop-July-9---putting-together-arrangement-2Paper-Flower-Arrangement-Workshop-July-9-students-working hardPaper-Flower-Arrangement-Workshop-July-9---final-arrangementsAll in all, the workshop was a success! We ran over the 2 hour time slot, so next time, we'll be sure to make it a 2.5 hour workshop. Looking forward to the next workshop, perhaps in the fall!~ Jessie