DIY Tissue Paper Hydrangea: Improved


DIY-Paper-Tissue-Hydrangea-Update-glued-centre-#tissuepaper-#paperflowers-#wedding-#centrepiece-#bridalshower-#DIY-#Tutorial-#homedecor-#hydrangeaThere are times when I make a paper flower and I adore how it turns least initially. Later on, as I look at it more and more or as I think about it more and more, I decide that I could have done better and there must be another technique I could use or another way of making it that would make the paper flower even more realistic or pleasing to my eye.There is always room for improvement.My DIY Tissue Paper Hydrangea has always been a filler flower for me, so I have never really thought too much about the technique I use to make them, other than the colour of the tissue paper (for example, dye bleaching it to create depth) and the size of the bloom (small enough to use between flowers). But the other say, as I was grocery shopping, I came across some beautiful purple hydrangea and after examining them up close again,  I wanted to revise my paper flower version. The petals surround a little round knob in its centre, which is missing in my original version of the DIY Tissue Paper Hydrangea.So today, I tried to correct that omission by applying a glob of tacky glue, coloured with a little light purple gauche paint. Using a mini bottle with a small tip, I applied the glob by squeezing it into the centre of the petals and letting it dry. Once dry, the glue turns a darker shade of purple.DIY-Paper-Tissue-Hydrangea-Update-applying glue-#tissuepaper-#paperflowers-#wedding-#centrepiece-#bridalshower-#DIY-#Tutorial-#homedecor-#hydrangeaAlthough I applied the glue directly to my finished hydrangea from my DIY Tissue Paper Hydrangea tutorial, I think I would recommend applying it to the petals prior to putting the hydrangea together. In fact, I would revise the steps like so for this improved version:

  • Instead of putting the stems together in Step 2 prior to gluing on the hydrangea petals/buds, I would glue the hydrangea petals/buds to each small piece of stems first.
  • Then, apply the glue glob centre and let it dry with the stem placed upright on a piece of foam.
  • Once the glue is dried, cover the entire stem with floral tape, starting from the bottom of the petal/bud where you glued it to the stem with glue gun.
  • Finally, tape each stem (10) to the stem wire to create the final product.

I have also considered using a round topped stamen to the centre of the petal before gluing it down...I think I will try that technique next and see how it turns out.DIY-Paper-Tissue-Hydrangea-Update-with-paint-and-glue-bottle-#tissuepaper-#paperflowers-#wedding-#centrepiece-#bridalshower-#DIY-#Tutorial-#homedecor-#hydrangeaI've been pondering my technique of the DIY Crepe Paper Flower Carnation for some time now, as I was experimenting with a single-ply crepe paper and was able to make some beautiful and delicate carnations. I was also experimenting with using mainly floral tape and tacky glue (no glue gun use) and was able to be quite successful with both. I will tell you about it in a later post.Happy making!~ Jessie


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