DIY Paper Flower Hanging Glass Globes


~ DIY Paper Flower Wedding Centrepiece Series ~


Make use of your DIY paper flowers by making a collection of these DIY Paper Flower Hanging Glass Globes for a wedding. They make a perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony site!

While planning for my wedding back in October, I scoured Pinterest for ideas for a backdrop for our ceremony site. We chose a ceremony site at the Miller Lash House that could be viewed from 360 degrees. The ceremony was to take place under a free-standing arbour. I needed to somehow make the black steel frame of the arbour somewhat attractive, and DIY paper flower hanging glass globe or terrarium came immediately to mind. The globes were all the rage last summer, and they continue to be very trendy this summer wedding season because they are so versatile whether you have an outdoor or indoor wedding.I ordered these inexpensive hanging glass globes from AliExpress. They arrived within a few weeks.Since our venue was outdoor and my centrepieces were floral arrangements, I stuck to this theme for the hanging glass globes. To add greenery, I used moss to cushion a paper flower in my theme colours of purple. Then, my bridesmaids used twine to hang them individually onto the black steel arbour frame. After the ceremony, a few of the DIY Paper Flower Hanging Glass Globes were cut down from the arbour to decorate the outdoor buffet tables during cocktail hour, accompanied by a gold votive with a candle.There are plenty of other ways to decorate using these hanging glass globes or terrarium for your wedding. I went to a wedding where the florist put a large hot pink peony into each one and they were hung as a backdrop, and then reused as decor at the signing table. You can see from The Knot, there are many ways to decorate them.Here's a quick tutorial of DIY Paper Flower Hanging Glass Globes:DIY-Paper-Flower-Hanging-Glass-Globes-Tutorial-from-Crafted-Sophistication-V2-#tutorial-#DIY-#wedding-#bridal-shower-#hangingball-#paperflowers-#crepepaperflowers-#crepepaper


Here's a Pinterest worthy image of this DIY Paper Flower Hanging Glass Globes (Please share!!):

DIY-Paper-Flower-Hanging-Glass-Globes-for-Your-Wedding-#DIY-#tutorial-#paperflowers-#crepepaperflowers-#bridalshower-#backdrop-#hangingglassglobes-#ceremony That's all for me for today. Shooting this tutorial tired me out *phew* (there was some climbing involved...). I admit, I was trying to multi-task and do a hundred other things at the same time, eg. spray some pedestal vases, pack up the hanging glass globes, make stew for dinner...etc.~ Jessie


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