DIY Paper Flower Boutonniere


~ The Paper Flower Wedding Centrepiece Series~


In this tutorial, I will show you my technique of making a DIY Paper Flower Boutonniere in a few simple steps. This is a perfect DIY project for the thrifty and/or crafty bride.

Since I made paper flower centrepieces for my wedding, it made perfect sense (as a thrifty bride) to also make the groomsmen's boutonnieres rather than hire someone to make them, and use paper flowers rather than real flowers.

The type of boutonnieres that I generally find appealing actually look like mini flower arrangements. They use a range of different plants in different sizes, colour, and texture. With the right supporting cast of floral greenery and foliage, the focus flower really pops. This is what I tried to achieve as I was designing and creating my wedding boutonnieres.


For this DIY Paper Flower Boutonniere, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • Focus flower - I used a small carnation crepe paper flower in French Violet crepe paper, but you can really use any type of paper flower you want.
  • Foliage - I used 3 types of artificial floral foliage in different colours from Michaels
  • Greenery - I used 2 types of artificial floral greenery from Michaels
  • Pins with large heads - one for each boutonniere
  • Twine
  • Floral tape
  • Floral shears


Focus Flower: Type & Size

You can use any type of flower you like as the focus flower, however, keep in mind that a boutonniere tends to be quite small, as it is meant to be complimentary to the groom’s and groomsmen’s outfits, not to overshadow it. As such, I suggest you choose a flower that is of a smaller size or to use the flower buds, rather than a full-size flower. Also, consider that the focus flower will be viewed mainly from the side, so it should have an interesting side view. To achieve this, I bent the bloom down about 45 degrees so that the top of the bloom was more visible from the side.

Focus Flower: Colour

You may also want to consider if the colour of the focus flower and/or colour scheme of the boutonniere matches and/or harmonizes with the groomsmen’s outfit. For example, if the groomsmen’s are wearing navy suits/tuxedos, you may want to avoid using lavender in the boutonniere.

Floral Greenery and Foliage

I looked for floral foliage and greenery that had fine details, and with small sections that could be cleanly cut off of the main stem and removed. I chose colours that had a similar tone as the focus flower. I find that foliage and greenery that fans out works quite well in this type of arrangement. To finish off the boutonniere, you can wrap a long leaf around the stems instead of if tying the stems with twine, rope, or ribbon.


I hope this tutorial gives you some ideas of how to make your own DIY Paper Flower Boutonniere. The most important part is to have fun making the arrangement, and enjoy the finished product!

Be sure to share this tutorial with anyone you know who is getting hitched! She will thank you for it.

~ Jessie


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