DIY Doublette Crepe Paper


I'm going to demonstrate how I make my own DIY doublette crepe paper using fusible web. This topic has been raised again and again in our Facebook group, The Paper Florists, so I thought it would be of interest if I showed you how I make my own double-sided crepe paper (which I originally learned from Lia Griffith's magnolia flower tutorial) I was able to put together a quick video, with comments, showing you this technique. A great example of this technique is the helleborus "double green veins" you see above that I made using Lia Griffith's fine crepe paper in green tea and aubergine.Here are a few pointers to remember while watching the tutorial:

  • I've used 2 pieces of German fine crepe in 32 g weight from The Paper Place, although any light-weight crepe paper would do. Lia Griffith has some fantastic German fine crepes available in her line of crepe paper as well. If you recall, I wrote a review on her fine crepe and double-sided crepe paper awhile back.
  • The crepe paper has a unique colour because I've bleached it. In the past, I've talked about the process here.
  • I prefer to use Pellon Wonder Web  which can be purchased online. It comes in a 20" wide bolt and can be purchased per metre/yard at your local fabric store. An alternative is Heat n' Bond, however, I haven't tried it myself so I do not know which specific product in that line works best.
  • I've used good o'l parchment paper from Costco to line my iron board and iron before applying heat to the crepe-web-crepe. It's cheap and it works like magic. I've tried using paper towel pieces before and the fusing gets all over it.
  • I turn my iron setting to a high temperature, and add water to it for steam. That said, I don't think it's necessary for it to be on a steam setting, just a very hot one. I have an old iron that I used exclusively for this to prevent any possibility of transferring a sticky mess to my collared shirts. questions? Leave them for me in the comments section below.Otherwise, if you haven't already, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel. Although I haven't posted many videos in the past, my goal this year is to create more videos for my tutorials, simply because it's SO much more efficient.- Jessie***DISCLOSURE: Just to let you know, sometimes my blog posts contain affiliate marketing links. If you make purchases via the links I've provided, I receive a small commission which costs you nothing, but do help to support my website/maintenance and fees. . You can read my full Disclosure statement here. Thank you for your support!