DIY Crepe Paper Garden Rose


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Once you make one of my DIY Crepe Paper Garden Rose, you will want to cut it in your hands! Natural Garden roses have petals that cup the flower rather than curl out (as in standard roses). Full bloom garden roses are voluminous and full, and thus, are also known as “cabbage roses” because of their numerous petals. They are also often used in lieu of peonies in flower arrangements and wedding centrepieces when peonies are not in season.

I had a ton of fun making each of these roses. They are so forgiving. You don’t have to worry about gluing the petals in an exact place or formation. In fact, if I had more time, I would have liked to modify the templates so that each petal is unique. But I didn't have time to worry about uniqueness, not with a 4-month deadline and 600 paper flowers.


I have to thank Lia Griffith for her DIY Crepe Paper Ombre Garden Roses post for which these garden roses are inspired. Her ombre garden rose petal template was a great starting point (and easy to cut over and over again!). I encourage you to explore her blog as she has numerous paper flower ideas and templates available for download (although it appears that you now have to have a paid membership).

I wasn't entirely satisfied with how my own garden rose were turning out using Lia's templates with the exception of the petal proportions (honestly, it was probably just me). Through trial and error, I experimented with different petals until I was satisfied with my version of a garden rose (full bloom, nonetheless!). I specifically designed my DIY Crepe Paper Garden Rose with the following in mind:

  1. To create the illusion of natural depth, I used 2 colours of crepe paper in white and french vanilla;
  2. To increase the volume of the bloom, I applied no less than a total of 34 petals; and
  3. To recreate soft natural petals, I used 60 grams crepe paper and included notches on the petal edges.

What developed from the above considerations was a off-white full-bloom garden rose that very much resembled a peony, and which really complimented the actual peonies in my wedding centrepiece.


Before you start, here are my general tips regarding this DIY Crepe Paper Garden Rose:

1. You can cut down the work by simply folding the crepe paper and cutting several layers at a time thereby cutting several petals at a time. For example, using my standard 20’’ by 7’, I cut 2 folds of crepe paper to make 18 of the extra-large petals. I first folded it in half lengthwise to 10’’, and then folded the 10’’ lengthwise again into 3 parts, and then the final strip into 3 parts. I also recommend cutting the templates on multiple layers of crepe as the edges becomes more frayed, which gives more life to the petals.

2. Do not be concerned about how straight you cut the petals or how closely your cut petals resemble the templates. In any event, once you shape the petals, any noticeable inconsistencies become less obvious. Even if there are visibly obvious inconsistencies, remember that real flower petals are all unique! In fact, the more unique, the more special.

3. The tighter the petals are to each other (i.e. more overlap), the more dense it will look and resemble garden roses.

4. If you want garden rose buds, you can stop at Step 4.

5. I prefer to turn the flower upside down when completing Steps 5, 6, and 7.

6. If you intend to use the garden rose for a paper flower arrangement, then you should not wrap the entire stem wire with floral tape. In fact, leave the bottom 1/3 of the stem uncovered so that the stem can easily be inserted into the floral foam. A wrapped stem will hinder the ease of insertion.

7. Templates for the petals (small, medium, large, extra-large) and the leaves can be downloaded here.

You can read my comments on the standard tools and materials in paper flower DIYs in my previous post, DIY Paper Flower Wedding Centrepiece: Planning).


And now for the DIY Crepe Paper Garden Rose tutorial:



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