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With a name like sweet pea, it’s hard not to fall head over heels in love with these flowers. They appear in nature in white, pink, and purple, and their unruly tendrils and branches make them a perfect mix of flower and foliage. I love how their tendrils curl and bend in unexpected ways - they add a lot of character to any arrangement, so I love using them as filler flowers.

I have to thank Livia Cetti and her book, The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers for inspiring this DIY Crepe Paper Flower Sweet Pea. Livia uses tissue paper to construct all of her exquisite paper flowers and they’re quite amazing! Her tutorials (including her dip dye bleach technique) are also very intricate and detailed; perfect summer reading for any paper floral artist!

I have based this simple DIY Crepe Paper Flower Sweet Pea tutorial on Livia’s sweet pea tutorial from her book, tweaking a few steps to take advantage of the cupping and fluting techniques that can be used with crepe paper (and not tissue paper). I also reduced the size of the flowers and leaves.


Before you start, here are my general comments:

1. I used fine crepe paper from The Paper Place (as usual), and I would recommend that you stick with a light weight or fine crepe paper. Sweet peas have such delicate blooms. The white and pink coloured blooms can look almost translucent. Heavy crepe paper (eg. 180 grams) would make this flower look too heavy. It’s also not necessary to use heavy crepe paper. This flower does not require a crepe with significant stretch, so using heavy crepe would be wasted on this flower.2. I recommend you use 2 colours for this flower: one light for the inner petals and one darker for the outer petals. I dip dye bleached my hot pink crepe paper in advanced, which resulted in a strip of crepe paper that was ombre, with the top of the strip being a darker pink and the bottom of the strip being a lighter pink. The result was a very subtle colour difference between the inner and outer petals, which looked quite natural.3. I make a habit of cutting my crepe paper into strips of 3” or 4” (by 40” or 10 folds) as most if not all of my paper flower petals fall within this range in size. Also, it’s easier to dip dye bleach the crepe paper if I keep them all similar width/length.4. I often cut petals and leaves free-hand, and it is no different for this DIY Crepe Paper Flower Sweet Pea. If you would rather not use the template, you can cut free-hand like me: Cut the crepe paper into square pieces of 2” x 2”, and cut a half-moon shape out of the top 1” of the piece. There, you’re done.5. I will often only secure one leaf on branch, and then separately make a branch with multiple leaves and tendrils. I find it easier to maneuver leaf branches within an arrangement if they are separate from the flowers/blooms. However, if you are displaying the flower stem solely by itself, then it’s a good idea to attach a number of leaves and tendrils to the stem as it appears in nature.6. You can click here for the templates for the DIY Crepe Paper Flower Sweet Pea.


And with that, here is the DIY Crepe Paper Flower Sweet Pea tutorial:


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