DIY Crepe Paper English Rose



Learn how to make your own DIY Crepe Paper English Rose in this easy tutorial. Full instructions, templates, and photos below.

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I don't have the stats, but given that every other day I see images of Juliet Roses pop up all over my IG, I can only assume that the most  popular English Rose is the Juliet Rose, bred by David Austin.

There are, however, many other English Roses bred by Mr. Austin that I would say are equally gorgeous, if not more so. A quick look at Mr. Austin’s website, and you’ll see numerous images of pink petaled beauties.  Two of them that really caught my eye was the Wildeve and Strawberry Hill. Like many of Mr. Austin's other blooms, these two English Roses have delightfully large blooms and a lot of character.


When I was constructing this rose, I was simultaneously testing out Lia Griffith’s new crepe paper line, which did not disappoint. *UPDATE as of November 8, 2016: You can purchase Lia's crepe paper on her online shop or via If you didn't catch my review, you can read it here. I've updated the post to provide information on how you can purchase her new line of crepe paper and tissue paper.

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Before you start, here are my tips and comments regarding this DIY Crepe Paper English Rose and tutorial:

1. You can create an ombre effect by including petals in different shades of pink. In one of the flowers, I distributed Honeysuckle petals within the Blush petals from Lia Griffith’s new extra fine crepe paper line.

2. I used Coral for the stamen.

3. Since the final bloom is quite big, use a floral stem of at least 16 or 18 gauge.

4. Although the tutorial instructions do not suggest fluting the inner petals, you can if you wish to mix up the texture. I found that when fluted, the extra fine crepe paper created quite deep flutes that were too exaggerated for my liking for this particular bloom. You can see the effect on the ombre bloom. So if you do decide to flute, I suggest you flute only once along the edge rather than fluting all along the top edge.

5. I used double sided crepe paper in Cypress/Green Tea for the calyx leaves.

6. Click here for the Templates for Petals A, B, C, D, Stamen, and Leaves.

Here is the Tutorial for my DIY Crepe Paper English Rose:


You can make multiple blooms and pair them with green foliage and buds for an arrangement, similar to what I did here:english-rose-close-up-from-top-paperflowers-crepepaperrevivalHave fun making this gorgeous DIY Crepe Paper English Rose! It is such a forgiving flower to make - no perfectly aligned petals necessary!Please take the time to click on any of the social media buttons below this post and SHARE =) Thank you!~ Jessie


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