Distant Drums Rose Online Course

 When I first started making paper flowers, The Paper Place gave me my first teaching opportunity. I taught my first workshop at their store in the summer of 2016. Since then, I've taught a few more classes there. I love doing workshops because it keeps me in touch with my followers and I get to meet them in person! I also meet wonderful people who I would never have met had it not been for the workshops.I wish everyone could attend my workshops and I could meet everyone face-to-face! But the reality is that it's just not possible.So I asked myself - what if I made my workshops available online? Then more of YOU GUYS would be able to attend (albeit virtually) and I can teach more people. Besides, I'm already teaching the flower. I'm already preparing the step-by-step handouts and templates. I'm also already making a bunch of the workshop flowers...I might as well shoot myself on video doing it.Easier said than done. I've had this idea in my mind for some time now. I needed a little push.Then, another idea popped into my head. What about making the online course available to my workshop students so they could go home and watch and re-watch me teach them how to make the flower? I could coincide the online course going live with the actual in-person workshop!So after months of anticipation, I'm going to launch my FIRST Distant Drums Rose online course. I'll be teaching the flower at the Aurora Cultural Centre on Saturday, and I'm aiming to have this course live so that my students can have immediate access to it when they return home after the workshop.If you don't know what my Distant Drums roses look like, it's those peachy-mauve flowers at the top of this post. They're one of my most favourite flowers to make. It's also one of my breakthrough flowers. When I was designing and constructing this flower, I learned new skills and techniques that I now use in my other roses and flowers. I want to pass those skills and techniques along to you through my online workshop.I'm planning on launching the course [this Saturday April 28]--- SCRATCH THAT ----- This Friday April 27th!!But I'll give you a sneak preview of what you will be learning if you enrol in my Distant Drums Rose online course:https://youtu.be/Y-a1LXU2iUUI'll summarize what you'll learn in the course here. You will:

  • Learn my basic formula or creating an ultra-realistic floribunda rose
  • Receive my unique templates for this rose
  • Learn my secret of making the petals in the centre swirls open naturally
  • Learn how I create texture in a flower
  • Learn how I assemble the flower so the petals look naturally placed
  • Learn how I make a proper leaf stem for a rose

You will also learn some specific skills and techniques, like these:

  • To make a fringed stamen
  • To colour your stamen with a common seasoning
  • To reduce bulk on the stems
  • To manipulate petals so they look natural
  • To tint the petals

This Distant Drums Rose online course is suited pretty much to anyone with any level of experience because the great thing is that you can learn at your own pace. You can watch and re-watch how I make the flower until you've mastered it. I love watching other paper florists do their thing. Not once have I left without learning something from them!I'll leave it at that for now.~ Jessie